Helping companies sound like people

At 2Scots, we believe that businesses don't talk to businesses, but rather people talk to people. The key to better marketing results is creating a personality for your company that is authentic, straight talking and clear.

We help Israeli startups grow internationally by creating brand personality and marketing communications that stand out from the crowd.

We do this by identifying the right personality for your business and match that to your target audience

We create purposeful and clear messaging that inspires interaction with your customers.

We help you develop compelling growth strategies that generate new customers for your business. 

In the end your brand personality will drive your growth.


​In a world where lack of trust equals low sales conversion, an engaging company personality can go a long way to bridging the trust gap. Customers engage more with businesses they trust, meaning more leads, better leads and more sales for your business.



Understanding your business, market and target audience is the foundation of what we do.

Our analysis and competitive audit will be the first step in planning your Go-To-Market Strategy.

Voice and design personality are crucial in a world where authenticity and user experience are paramount. 

We'll ensure you look and sound unique, while maintaining clarity across all your communications. 



The right personality will lead to more effective customer acquisition, helping you maximise growth.

We deliver across the full range of media channels including PPC, affiliates, SEO, lead gen and social.

We believe engaging with customers rather than talking at them is the key to building meaningful relationships.

We'll create and distribute the most compelling story for your brand to keep your customers engaged and returning.



"We worked with Elliot while launching the Tastewise platform. Elliot is a first rate marketing strategist with a real understanding of the market and the customer. Passionate and professional, he has a keen awareness of how to communicate with customers, combined with an enthusiasm for the product he is working with and an ability to deliver results through multiple channels." 

Alon Chen CEO and Co-Founder, Tastewise.


“I recently had the chance to work with Darren and Elliot from 2Scots in designing, planning and building a marketing strategy.  The work included meeting and consultation where they helped me think and find the right message and execute it to our marketing collateral.  They also guided me in building a new strategy and helped me develop a marketing presentation. It was a very good experience and I will work with them in the future.”


"In just one month, 2Scots helped us improve our under-performing funnel conversion by over 400%. We had strong demand into our website but conversion rates just weren't good enough. We turned to 2Scots for help. They reviewed our site and funnel, we had a few really productive brainstorming sessions and saw great results.  Sometimes, just a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference."

Oren Askarov, Head of Marketing, Cyberhat

Ido Perry, CEO & Founder, CampInn


Combining more than 40 years of experience successfully helping businesses grow in the US, Asia and Europe,

2Scots is run by former Glaswegians with a passion for clarity, the know-how to generate simple, effective messaging and the ability to deliver bottom-line results.



Darren co-founded 2Scots after previously holding senior positions in mobile, internet and advertising businesses in both the UK and Israel. He has worked with brands including the BBC, UK Government, JDate,, Wowcher and a wide range of start-ups. He has spent the past 6 years founding and running a successful mobile media network. Darren emigrated to Israel in 2004 and is married with 3 kids. His passions include football, fine wine and fish & chips (he's Scottish after all).

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2Scots' co-founder Elliot is a seasoned marketing leader. A former CMO at SimpleOrder and GetStocks, Elliot is well versed in successfully launching and growing Israeli B2B and B2C start-ups in the US, UK and Europe and is the veteran of three successful company exits. A former journalist at the BBC and Haaretz,  Elliot grew up on the "mean" streets of Glasgow, but was actually born in Dublin. Unable to find an Irish partner, he settled for Darren.



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