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#100israelistartups - Numbers 11-20

We've completed numbers 11-20 of our #100israelistartups, with another 10

innovative, dynamic companies from the Startup Nation..

As we begin to emerge from Lockdown here is Israel, it's also great to see some of these companies at the forefront of the fightback against COVID19.

You can read more about each of these companies by clicking through on the links below, please take a few minutes to learn about how these 10 organizations are making a real difference.

#11 - Kahun with Eitan Ron and Michal Tzuchman Katz

#12 - Diagnostic Robotics with Kira Radinsky, Jonathan Amir and Moshe Shoham

#13 - AgroScout with Simcha Shore

#14 - Serenus.AI with Hillary (Orly) Harel

#15 - Vaica with Tomer Gofer, Noa Lapidot

#16 - ElastiMed with Omer Zelka

#17 - LightApp with Jenny Pinus

#18 - ZygoFix Ltd. with Ofer Levy

#19 - The Israeli Foundation for Olympic Excellence with Arik Zeevi and Dan Zeevi

#20 - Soapy with Max Simonovsky and Netta Stahl

Here at 2Scots - Marketing for Startups, we'll be continuing our initiative to highlight great Israeli start-ups that are demonstrating #Tech4Good. If you'd like to nominate your company or an organization that you think deserves to be highlighted, please comment below or contact Darren and Elliot.

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