• Darren Gladstone

#12 of 100 - Diagnostic Robotics

#12 of #100israelistartups is Diagnostic Robotics.

Diagnostic Robotics is a ground-breaking #Israeli medtech company that is changing the world.

Led by Kira Radinsky, Jonathan Amir and Prof Moshe Shoham, the company uses AI and predictive analytics models to solve a global challenge: strained health budgets and workforces.

Diagnostic Robotics are collaborating with the largest hospitals in Israel and a growing number of payer and provider partners in the United States to help turn their vision for a better world into a reality.

They are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 - their Remote Assessment and Monitoring tool is empowering providers, payers, and government agencies to respond digitally to the growing pressures of the pandemic. This solution includes remote patient progress monitoring, automated patient queries, provider-facing alerts about high-risk patients, and daily updates about the spread and progress of the disease at a community and regional level.

Diagnostic Robotics is a truly world-class #medtech company, making the world a better and healthier place.

Here at 2Scots, we believe everyone should be aware of the groundbreaking work they are doing and we're proud to be able to do our small part in spreading the story.

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