• Darren Gladstone

#13 of 100 - AgroScout

#13 of our #100israelistartups is AgroScout.

AgroScout offers early detection crop scouting of bugs and disease in field crops using deep learning algorithms to allow quick, efficient detection, identification, and monitoring for the entire field. For most farmers, advanced agronomic and remote monitoring systems are too expensive and inaccessible,

The AgroScout system is different, providing an affordable and easy-to-use solution based solely on user-generated content with low-cost equipment, such as smartphones and small commercial drones,.

“In these challenging times, we don’t want to ask farmers to put their hand into their pockets unless they are 100% positive it’s going to help them out,” said Simcha Shore, Agroscout CEO. “In addition to our discounted offerings, we are also providing online demonstrations so growers can understand the system and benefits.”

The solution accurately and autonomously detects and monitors diseases, pests, and other agronomic problems in the field. AgroScout’s algorithms then send growers accurate crop stress statuses, disease and pinpointed pest locations, accompanied by treatment recommendations, directly to their computer or mobile device.

Agroscout is another great Israeli start-up looking to make a difference in the #agritech world and 2Scots are proud to spread the word.

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