• Darren Gladstone

#15 of 100 - Vaica

#15 of our #100israelistartups is Vaica.

Have you ever forgotten to take your pills? I think we all have and that is just one of the significant in-home medical challenges that Vaica is solving.

Vaica provides medication adherence customized solutions. At the core of the company's solutions is a cloud-based software platform, enabling the remote deployment, management & monitoring of smart medication dispensers and vital sign monitors.

Vaica’s mission is to improve the life quality of chronically-ill patients and allow them to live longer at home independently.

The company has developed 7 products in all, each focused on an area of patient care. For example, SIMPLEMED+ is an advanced medication managing and reminder system for improving medication adherence.

Vaica are also helping in the administration of critical patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their solutions are ensuring effective patient management for self-quarantined elderly and chronic patients, thus reducing the burden on overloaded public health and healthcare systems.

2Scots are proud to support another great Israeli #medtech company and delighted to welcome them to our #100israelistartups initiative.

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