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#16 of 100 - ElastiMed

#16 of our #100israelistartups is ElastiMed

ElastiMed have developed a wearable medical device using innovative smart materials technology, designed to improve circulation in the legs for the treatment of venous and lymphatic diseases.

The comfortable device massages the patient’s legs continuously, to increase healing efficiency, while requiring low energy consumption. The device is IoT compatible, integrating sensors for data generation, and compliance monitoring.

This innovative use of the Artificial Muscles can be applied in any of a number of additional applications, including compression devices for different body parts, smart tourniquets, active bandages, haptic devices, smart clothing and more.

The company has a very powerful vision:

'Improving patients’ lives by making smarter medical devices'.

“Traditional solutions suffer from a 60% non-compliance rate. We wanted our device to be easy to wear and fit comfortably,” explained ElastiMed CEO, Omer Zelka. “We have been able to design a device that is highly effective, easy to wear and does not disrupt the patient’s lifestyle, a key element in promoting compliance.”

2Scots are delighted to highlight the cutting-edge work of ElastiMed and look forward to seeing them go from strength to strength.

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