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#17 of 100 - LightApp

#17 of our #100israelistartups is the 'LightApp' from Dor L'Dor Non-Profit organization.

This is an amazing Not-For-Profit that has been making a huge difference to the lives of elderly people across #israel since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Pre-Corona, they would help lonely elderly people with whatever was needed, e.g. changing a lightbulb, matching via the LightApp with a local volunteer.

Since the Corona outbreak, their work has exploded as they have sought to care for the most vulnerable in society, ensuring that thousands of seniors have received necessary food and their life-saving medications. The App connects between 3,500 volunteers and the elderly people they assist in their local area.

Jenny Pinus of Dor L'Dor explained: “With a simple click of a button, they can call us and ask for concrete help with anything – from changing a light bulb to walking their dog. Volunteers get the requests based on their geographical proximity to those who called. That way they can help in a manner that is convenient for them, because it’s already close to where they live.”

The life-changing nature of this service can be felt through the comments from those people who have benefited so far:

Ahuva, aged 79, said "LightApp brought me back to life. The volunteers made me want to get out of bed and start dancing. I'm still thrilled and excited."

Tzvi, 84 added: "Some things were easy for me once but now I need help. Knowing there’s someone to turn to gives me hope."

In addition, the volunteers get to make a meaningful difference to the lives of others:

Yali, 29, said: "The most meaningful thing I learned is that sometimes, old people don't want to feel they're being helped, but that they can also help others."

Tali, 34, added: "LightApp allows me to do good when it is convenient for me. I never imagined that so-called 'on the spot' support would be so meaningful to both sides."

Special thanks to Samuel Cronin, Healthcare Innovation Manager, UK Israel Tech Hub, for bringing this wonderful initiative to our attention.

2Scots - Marketing for Startups are proud to highlight another great Israeli initiative making a genuine difference and making lives better.

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