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#19 of 100 - The Israeli Foundation for Olympic Excellence

#19 of our #100israelistartups is The Israeli Foundation for Olympic Excellence

Not technically a startup but an organisation that has been set-up with the goal of changing the face of sport in Israel.

Established by Arik Zeevi who is considered one of the greatest Israeli athletes of all time, Zeevi won a Judo bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics in Athens and is the only Israeli Olympian to compete in 4 Olympic games.

By offering a true opportunity for Olympic excellence across all segments of Israel’s society, the IFOE strives to grow Israel’s pool of potential Olympic athletes, thus greatly impacting Israel’s overall number of Olympic achievements from their current extremely low position. The IFOE spearheads a change in Israel’s image both at home and abroad.

Israel is currently ranked as low as 89th in global Olympic achievements, with only 9 Olympic medals throughout the years and Zeevi has made it his mission to change this sorry statistic.

"I set up the IFOE in order to bring a meaningful change to Israeli sport. I think our potential is much greater than what we currently achieve and it is important that we find the right sport for each child. We see competitive sport as a way to help each child reach their potential, not just in their chosen sport but in life in general."

The organisation runs a number of programmes including physical education school classes for gifted kids and Sporting Excellence programmes for gifted teenagers who show potential to become Olympic athletes. All programmes are led by IFOE's Olympic-grade coaches.

Sport plays such a crucial role in society, from promoting health and well-being through to national pride and esteem. We at 2Scots are proud to support Arik in his mission to transform sport in Israel.

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