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#20 of 100 - Soapy

#20 of #100israelistartups is Soapy - saving lives through smart hygiene

If ever an Israeli startup was relevant to its time, then it's Soapy.

Every year, millions of people get sick as a result of diseases that could have been easily prevented with access to proper hygiene facilities or–even more frustratingly–more awareness of correct handwashing procedures. Despite the clear connection between poor hand-hygiene and sickness, many people wash incorrectly or do not wash at all.

The COVID19 pandemic has brought this issue front-and-center for all of us.

It took three years of research, four prototypes, and a lot of innovative and integrative problem solving before the final Soapy ECO micro-station was released.

Soapy developed the 'hygiene micro station' – an easy-to-use, effective, and eco-friendly hand washing system designed for hospitals, schools, restaurants, child-care centers and businesses in communities all over the world.

Soapy CEO Max Simonovsky explained:

"The World Health Organization has stressed the critical importance of handwashing as one of the most effective measures in preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

But how do you know that people in your workplace are actually adhering to this suggestion? Soapy helps organizations track the trends of quality and quantity of employee hand hygiene, thus making it possible to improve hygiene compliance".

2Scots - Marketing for Startups are proud to highlight the lifesaving benefits of the Soapy product as they lead from the front in the battle against #covid19.

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