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#22 of 100 - Save Foods

#22 of our #100israelistartups is Save Foods

Save Foods is empowering the food industry with a new range of integrated solutions designed to help growers, packers, food producers and consumers to improve produce safety, quality and increase shelf life.

Fresh and processed produce are one of the main sources of foodborne illness outbreaks caused by pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

Food safety today and the practices designed to ensure the safety of our food are as important as ever due to the open nature of the fresh produce supply chain.

Each bite we take exposes us to potential illness from microbial contamination. Even today, consumers are still eating unsafe food.

To ensure safety and reduce food waste, Save Foods has developed a range of eco-friendly and “green” sanitizing solutions with high efficiency against both human and plant pathogens.

CEO Dan Sztybel explained:

"Save Foods is addressing two of the world main concerns about food - food safety and food waste. Our products ensure both food safety and improved shelf life of fresh produce while significantly reducing the use of harmful chemicals for our health and the environment. Our goal is to ensure healthier and safer food for all."

2Scots - Marketing for Startups is delighted to help promote Save Foods Inc. in their quest to bring real change to the food industry and deliver healthier food for all.

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