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#24 of 100 - accessiBe

Some companies have a vision so bold that you just have to sit up and take notice.

accessiBe is one such company.

accessiBe's vision is to make the entire internet fully accessible by 2025 so that everyone, with and without disabilities, can enjoy what it has to offer.

The company provides the first and only AI-powered web accessibility solution that makes web accessibility simple, automatic, immediate and affordable.

Founded in early 2018, accessiBe’s proprietary technology scans and modifies websites’ code and behavior in real time, to be accessible for people with visual, hearing and motor impairments, as well as other functional disabilities. Web accessibility is mandatory in the US, with Europe is set to follow suit in the coming years and the accessiBe solution is compliant with the ADA and WCAG 2.1.

accessiBe offers simple integration, all that is needed to to get started is to install one line of JS code. The AI feature then starts the process by scanning the website, analyzing the information and categorizing it into useful information for the compliance process.

In addition to providing customers with an accessible website, accessiBe also helps

businesses uncover lost revenue opportunities from disabled users who would not

otherwise be able to access their online presence to purchase goods and services.

Shir Ekerling, co-founder and CEO of accessiBe added: “Our vision is to make the internet truly accessible to everyone. By utilizing machine learning, our solution can help millions of businesses comply with legislation and avoid lawsuits on the one hand, while enabling users with disabilities to browse the internet effectively on the other. It’s a win-win.”

Users of the service explain how life-changing it can be, as Sisi, aged 47, explains:

"I've been blind since birth and although I've been using technology for many many years for almost any aspect of my life, things are much more difficult for me.

Every time I go on a website and I hear the accessiBe notification that this site is adjusted to my screen reader, I know I can smile, I can relax and I'm sure that on this website I can read whatever I want."

2Scots are delighted to highlight the ground-breaking and life-changing work that they are doing and look forward to watching them go on to fulfil their vision in the coming years.

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