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#26 of 100 - Aura Air

#26 of our #100israelistartups is Aura Air.

As we all get used to the reality of social distancing and wearing face masks, one Israeli start-up is addressing the issue of air pollution in the medical industry.

Aura Air has launched “the world’s smartest and most intensive air filtration system”.

The quality of air depends upon our surroundings. Natural air has a fresh quality, thanks to ions. However, we spend 90% of our time indoors, where there is no ionization source. Moreover, indoor air contains many, various kinds of invisible pollutants, making it 3 – 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

The team at Aura Air have developed their system to help bring natural air quality to indoor environments, specifically in the medical industry where minimising pollutants and airborne bacteria is vital and where COVID-19 is a significant risk or poses a risk of another potential outbreak.

Its unique “6-stage” filter system and patented smart air quality algorithms are combined with industry standard sensors, monitoring both internally AND outside. In tests, the system eradicates 99.98% of airborne particulates and up to 99% of viruses, mold and bacteria

The intelligent aspect of this air purification system is that you enter the specific needs of the users into its app, via a short set of questions, and the system automatically tunes itself to meet their specific health needs. It will warn you when it is not safe to go for a run or open the windows. It adjusts its settings according to air entry from doors and windows to detect high pollen levels.

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center, which has treated more than 300 Covid-19 patients, completed an initial month-long pilot of the air filtration and disinfection system, while in previous lab experiments, the system demonstrated an average of 99 percent effectiveness against influenza viruses H1N1 and H5N1.

Aviad Shnaiderman, Aura Air’s CEO explained. “We started this pilot with Sheba in order to help the ward in reducing potential infections. Now, we are focused on purifying and sterilizing the air of resistant viruses, including coronavirus. The goal is to target solutions for closed space infections in general and the coronavirus in particular.”

2Scots is delighted to highlight the work of Aura Air as they aim to help us all breathe a little bit easier.

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