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#28 of 100 - GaitBetter

#28 of our #100israelistartups is GaitBetter.

Age-associated motor and cognitive deficits increase the risk of falls, a major cause of morbidity and mortality amongst senior citizens.. Because of the significant impact of such falls, many approaches have been tested but few have delivered significant and ongoing benefits.

Then along came Israeli start-up GaitBetter.

GaitBetter promotes healthy aging by introducing an innovative and proven training solution to improve mobility and reduce falls risk.

GaitBetter’s universal VR add-on transforms any treadmill into a powerful motor-cognitive training device. Utilizing proprietary computer vision algorithms, their system integrates the trainees’ feet movement into a virtual environment simulation of real-life challenges combining gait and cognitive skill exercise. Powered by AI, the solution automatically personalizes training programs to trainees need and capabilities.

By adding a VR experience to common treadmills, GaitBetter enables an effective, personalized, enjoyable, easy-to-use and low cost motor-cognitive training service.

Integrating gamification principles makes the training a fun and enjoyable experience resulting in high adherence. The system tracks trainees performance and progression in a dedicated portal for both the trainers and trainees

The system is ideally used in outpatient rehabilitation clinics for patients with neurological or orthopedic based gait disorders such as Parkinson Disease, MS, Post stroke, Hip and Knee replacements, and others.

Hilik Harari, GaitBetter CEO explains:

“The GaitBetter motor-cognitive training solution improves mobility and reduces fall risk in older adults and patients with gait disorders. Using a universal cognitive-engagement add-on to common treadmills, the GaitBetter system enables a safe, cost-effective, and clinically superior training modality for use in rehabilitation centers, physical therapy clinics, skilled nursing facilities, adult daycare centers, gyms and in the future for home use."

GaitBetter was proven effective in several studies including a controlled trial published in the prestigious The Lancet medical journal. The study showed a reduction of 50% in falls rate in older adults with a high risk for falls, twice as effective than the control group.

As Western societies experience aging populations and the need to ensure higher quality of life for our seniors, GaitBetter will make a real difference to the lives of so many.

2Scots is delighted to be able to highlight the work they are doing and wish Hilik and his team continued success.

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