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#29 of 100 - Respinova

#29 of our #100israelistartups is Respinova

Respinova is aiming to save lives of those with Chronic Lung Disease.

COPD (Chronic Lung Disease) is the #3 killer of all known diseases and yet, for many decades, there have been very few advances in treatment.

COPD causes upper airway constriction and lower airway collapse. It affects over 350 million people worldwide and costs billions of dollars to treat. Inhaled muscle-relaxing drugs are the mainstay of COPD therapy but their effect is limited because they primarily target only constriction in the upper airways.

Most of COPD, however, is caused by the collapse of the smaller airways in the lower, peripheral lung. These drugs can’t target, reach, or re-open the collapsed airways. As more airways collapse, lung function progressively decreases, until eventually, the patient becomes incapacitated from lack of oxygen.

Respinova has developed a patented technology called Pulsehaler™ to change all that.

Pulsehaler™ uses multi-frequency air pressure pulses to reach down all the way to the small airways, and gently “pry” them open again. This non-invasive treatment only needs to be used for 20 minutes per session, and is simple enough to use for the many elderly patients suffering from COPD.

In a double blinded sham (placebo) controlled clinical trial published in the Journal COPD, Pulsehaler™ produced more than 4x the exercise improvement of the control, and more than 2.5x the improvement that clinicians consider to be clinically meaningful.

Cliff Ansel, Respinova’s CEO, explains:

“This is the first time in decades that a real breakthrough has been demonstrated in treating COPD. The standard of care, drug therapy, has reached its limits of effectiveness, and still, patients and their families are calling out for something to help stem the progressive decline. Our clinical data demonstrated over 90% of patients responding across all stages of COPD. Once we launch Pulsehaler™, we will be developing additional products to improve the efficacy of inhaled drugs. We have already demonstrated in a clinical study the ability to greatly improve drug delivery to the deep lung by administering the drugs while opening the airways with Pulsehaler™. We are excited to bring these new therapies to patients soon.”

Pulsehaler™ can also have significant benefits for patients suffering from COVID-19 by treating pre-ICU patients and also post-COVID-19 patients as they recover from the disease.

2Scots is delighted to bring Respinova to the attention of our community and wish them continued success for the future.

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