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#30 of 100 - Vee

#30 of our #100israelistartups is Vee.

It's safe to say that of all the hugely talented Founders that we have featured in our first 29 startups, #30 on our list can boast of being the youngest.

May Piamente is only 20 years old, yet she is hugely ambitious and has set her goal to redefine the concept of volunteering and increase the number of volunteers worldwide.

May is the Founder of Vee, the social marketplace for volunteering, which aims to be 'the future of volunteering'.

Vee is an innovative social platform that mediates between volunteers, diverse volunteer opportunities and commercial entities, through an instant AI-based matching system and dedicated Marketplace.

For non-profit organisations, Vee provides the platform to recruit the most suitable volunteers, manage their time and resources, maintain contact and build a community of committed and energised volunteers.

For businesses, Vee provides an all-in-one corporate volunteer management platform, to manage & track employees' volunteering activities on a branded Vee dashboard. Businesses can reward and motivate volunteers, who receive points in recognition of their accomplishments, while boosting corporate reputation through social responsibility.

Founder and CEO, May Piamente explained:

"The Vee platform enables non-profits to benefit from a large pool of motivated volunteers, while corporate businesses can incentivize their employees with rewards, for example shopping vouchers, flights, clothing, scholarships and courses, all in exchange for volunteer time for the community. The community benefits and the individual benefits, it's a win-win".

"Our vision is to build the world's number one volunteering platform, helping non-profits, corporates and individuals fulfil their goals of doing good."

2Scots is delighted to share the Vee story as they look to shake up the volunteering sector and make the world a better place, day-by-day, volunteer-by-volunteer.

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