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#31 of 100 - DreaMed Diabetes

#31 of our #100israelistartups is DreaMed Diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health issues of our time with the number of sufferers rising dramatically. According to published data, in the US, there is a 400% increase forecast by 2050; in the UK, roughly 1 in every 500 young people under the age of 19 are suffering from Type 1 Diabetes.

This is a huge issue for public health policy makers and an urgent public health crisis.

DreaMed Diabetes is dedicated to enhancing the lives of insulin-dependent patients and their caregivers, empowering them with innovative personalized medicine and decision support technology.

Each diabetes patient’s responses to dosage changes, day-to-day activities, and personal case history are unique. Effective insulin treatment decisions require a comprehensive understanding of each of these factors, as well as their interplay and relative impact.

The DreaMed Diabetes medical team and developers sought to make collating, cross-referencing and analyzing all that critical, patient-specific information – both real-time and archived – easier and faster. Drawing on years of experience and research, they created a unique and innovative solution to this complex challenge: MD Logic.

DreaMed Diabetes provides personalized diabetes treatment optimization solutions. The company was established in 2014, commercializing the first artificial pancreas technology which was published in the NEJM. Since then, DreaMed Diabetes has been vigorously working on decision support tools in the diabetes management space and became the first and only company in the world to receive a CE Mark and FDA clearance for a decision support system using data from CGM/SMBG and insulin pumps.

Eran Atlas, CEO at DreaMed Diabetes explained:

"DreaMed Diabetes' mission is always to provide people with diabetes and health care professionals with a reliable, automated decision-support tool that empowers every patient with the best care possible. With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe, we realize more than ever the need to have remote, telemedicine treatment options to ensure as many people as possible, especially those with diabetes, are safe from potential infection and have access to the care they need”

2Scots is delighted to highlight the life-changing and life-saving work of DreaMed Diabetes and wish them continued success in their mission to improve the lives of so many.

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