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#32 of 100 - Rezilient

#32 of our #100israelistartups is Rezilient

Most start-up founders will highlight the moment they stumbled across an unmet need or had that light-bulb moment.

For Tanya Yarkoni, Founder & CEO of Rezilient, that moment was much more profound.

"In my early thirties, I thought I had it all. A great marketing career in New York, a happy marriage, the birth of my first daughter. Then my second daughter was born and everything started to unravel. Leia is nonverbal, Autistic, and requires 24/7 care. As the primary family caregiver, I put my career on hold, moved back to Israel to be closer to family and experienced endless grief, stress and eventual burnout.

Not finding anywhere to run, I began to explore life-changing techniques which provided new coping strategies, habits and skills which today allow me to live a more balanced and happier life. In 2018 I founded Rezilient in order to improve the lives and wellbeing of caregivers everywhere."

Rezilient is a behavior change coaching platform for family caregivers.

Rezilient is changing the way family caregivers view themselves and the role of caregiving. For too long caregivers have been made to feel as if they are helpless victims without the tools, preparation, awareness or support to feel empowered or good about themselves. When it comes to our experience and perceptions, a person is much more in the driver’s seat than they might think.

The specialized Rezilient skills-building program prevents family caregiver burnout and chronic stress. Using their engaging mobile app, trained coaches help caregivers keep their lives on track while building the skills and emotional resilience they need to find a new way to care.  Employers, insurers and payers all benefit from resilient caregivers who provide long term care to loved ones at home, while improving productivity at work.

Caregivers, guided through the app-based Rezilient Training Method, communicate via video, voice and text. Sessions are scheduled for real time interaction with in-between texting, chat and support.

Machine learning and sentiment analysis learn the interactions and lifestyles of caregivers to provide predictive interventions, personalization and optimized training with their chatbot and trained coaches. A caregiver-specific training program designed by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. An integrated blend of CBT, caregiver burden scales, mindfulness and front line motivation from experienced caregivers.

Tanya added:

"Family caregivers of people with long-term chronic illnesses and disabilities are largely unsupported, unprepared and unaware of the impact of caregiving and over time usually experience burnout. Rezilient's behavior change coaching app, monitors and assesses physiological and self-reported parameters of family caregivers as it provides day 1 support, mindfulness, caregiver wisdom and community to help caregivers stay on track. We go to the heart of the family caregiving experience by focusing on the health and wellbeing of 50M people who provide the backbone of care in the US today."

Tanya's journey has been profound and her mission is to change the world of care-giving. 2Scots is proud to highlight such an worthwhile and important start-up as Tanya builds Rezilient into a world-class company that changes the lives of so many.

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