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#33 of 100 - Simply Speak

The medical profession in general, and the doctor-patient relationship in particular, is undergoing dramatic changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote relationships are becoming the norm and many startups are developing solutions in this field.

One such start-up is the Israeli company Simply Speak.

Simple Speak is the first conversational-AI platform built specifically to help physicians document their interactions with patients through telemedicine tools.

Simply Speak uses AI to extract meaningful medical data from conservations held between the patient and doctor. Using natural language processing tools, Simply Speak’s software integrates directly into existing electronic health record systems to improve notes taken by the doctor during the session.

Ultimately, Simply Speak aims to maintain the close relationship between physicians and patients even when treatment is given remotely. The conversational AI tool will assist in note-taking and significantly save time on administrative tasks, helping doctors focus on their communication with patients during telemedicine appointments.

The company was launched in 2019 and has seen a huge rise in demand following the Covid-19 outbreak, which forced more doctors to work remotely.

Moti Tomashin, CEO and Co-Founder explained:

"Simply Speak is on a mission to restore humanity to the practice of medicine by leveraging conversational-AI. In these times, when the communication between physicians and their patients is done remotely via telehealth, physicians are required to be extra attentive to build rapport with their patients. For us at Simply Speak, this Covid-19 health crisis brings a significant opportunity for us to ensure ongoing doctor-patient care can continue efficiently and without pause. More and more physicians and healthcare executives realize the immense value of Simply Speak's virtual scribe in enabling physicians to focus solely on their patients and not worry about documentation.  We've seen a growing demand for our services and are excited about all the new opportunities that lie ahead."

2Scots is delighted to highlight the groundbreaking work of Simply Speak and wish them continued success in their mission to change the medical world.

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