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#34 of 100 - Beewise

One of the most difficult problems in the beekeeping world is the collapse of hives. Each year, about 40% collapse and hundreds of thousands of bees die from various causes. To this day, the only solution available has been a regular replacement of hives each year at a huge cost.

Israel start-up Beewise develops a tool called Beehome, a robotic beehive that can house more than 40 colonies at once. It includes cameras with computer vision technology and sensors that can adjust the climate automatically. The device then sends insights to the beekeeper’s smartphone via an app so they can keep track of honey production and care for the hive’s needs.

Beewise offers an AI-powered autonomous beehive, to replace the 100M manual labor-intensive beehives that exist in the world today. Their solution is a mix of hardware and software that creates the “indoor farming” version for bees, with precision robotics and computer vision, in an AI-controlled environment.

By completely redesigning the beehive, Beewise have been able to address a lot of the inefficiencies of the commonly used hives and significantly improve bees’ well-being and life longevity. As Beewise say "for us, bees come first; our customers come second; and then all the rest."

Beewise was founded in 2018 and recently secured a funding round of $10m, bringing the total raised to date to $16m

CEO and Co-Founder Saar Safra explained:

"If you give the beekeeper one hive he will know how to take care of it and save it and no hive will collapse. But when you talk about the commercial world they visit the hive once a month. Eighty percent of the hives in the world are run by commercial beekeepers - the rest are home-grown,”

We have a working product and are in negotiations with contract manufacturers to begin mass production. We have pre-orders from over 40 in the US, EU, and Israel, managing a combined of over 200,000 beehives.

Eventually, global pollination and honey production will be streamlined and automated; we are working hard to respond to the high demand for our service and exploit our first-mover advantage."

2Scots is delighted to support Beewise as part of our #100israelistartups initiative and look forward to seeing the company go from strength-to-strength in the coming years.

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