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#36 of 100 - Remilk

No.36 of our #100israelistartups is Remilk.

The global dairy market is changing for the better.

Czarnikow, a global financial services company, has predicted that plant-based milk sales will soar to $ by 2026, with sales already up 476% in the US this March alone.

Tom Soutter, a trader for Czarnikow stated: “For plant-based alternatives to meaningfully substitute dairy commodities (powder, cheese and butter etc.) and the nutrition density of dairy – further breakthroughs will be required. Until then, there is the market space for dairy and plant-based alternatives to exist harmoniously side by side.”

Enter Remilk, the Israeli start-up that is planning to disrupt the dairy industry.

Remilk is producing real dairy products without needing a single cow - animal-free, real dairy products produced in an ethical and sustainable way.

Industry statistics suggest that milk alternatives contain on average 97% water, which would suggest they are water alternatives rather than milk alternatives.

Unlike other milk substitutes which are plant-based, Remilk uses microbes to produce the key ingredients in milk, which can then be formulated into real dairy products.

The Remilk product can also be effectively used to produce other dairy products such as cheese and butter, which the other dairy substitute products find difficult to produce.

The company recently won 1st place in the Coller FoodTech Startup Competition 2020, run through the The Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University.

Aviv Wolff‬‏, Co-Founder and CEO explained:

"We are on a mission to create creamy dairy products that would make a cow jealous. And a bit grateful… The company is applying animal-free processes driven by precision biology to reshape the future of dairy, in the most scalable and delicious way.  Remilk is producing different dairy ingredients using food-grade microbes. We have “trained” our microbes to digest basic molecules, like sugar, and turn them into fabulous dairy components that are completely identical to those made by cows!"

2Scots wishes Aviv, his Co-Founder Ori Cochavi and all the Remilk team huge success as they set out on their journey to change dairy forever.

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