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#37 of 100 - Meat Tech

No.37 of our #100israelistartups is Meat Tech.

World consumption of proteins in general, and of meat products in particular, continues to rise. The accelerated growth of demand for farm animals for the food industry creates massive environmental, health, financial and ethical problems .

  • 8% of the world's water is used for raising livestock for meat consumption.

  • 18%+ of the greenhouse gas emissions come from the livestock industry.

  • 33% of global croplands are used for animal feed production.

The status quo is not sustainable.

Meat Tech aims to change the status quo for the better.

Based in Nes Tziyona, Israel, Meat Tech has taken lab-based meat production one step further, creating cultured meat tissue using a 3D printer, perhaps for the first time ever.

Meat Tech aims to develop an alternative to conventional age-old farming methods. with clean farming through an industrial cultured meat process, without harming animals, while combined with 3D printing technology.

The meat is produced by taking animal stem cells and mixing them with nutritious proteins and growth-enhancing materials inside a massive advanced-technology pot called a bio-reactor. The cells grow and multiply, collect in tiny clusters and then connect to create a live muscle tissue.

The cultured meat is essentially real meat, aside from the fact that no animal was killed to put it on the table. The meat has all the required nutritional value, does not contain viruses, cholesterol or other undesirable ingredients, does not require the huge amount of resources used in farming - no grazing land, food and water - and does not release toxic methane gas into the atmosphere like cows do.

Co-Founder Amir Hasidim explained how the Covid-19 crisis has impacted on Meat Tech:

"It hasn’t been easy. Meat Tech’s amazingly dedicated team has come to the office throughout the pandemic. The labs need to be tended to all the time. There is much delicate research that cannot be stopped or delayed so our team has been there to make sure that things keep moving ahead. Thanks to careful planning we’ve made great progress even though we have had to work extra hard to keep things moving.

On the other hand Meat Tech has also benefited from a new awareness of meat’s environmental and health risks. Cultivating meat like Meat Tech does, is a new and exciting way to produce high-quality protein. Alternative protein production technologies are positioned to play a large part in reducing these risks to food safety and food security. The conventional meat industry has been particularly exposed to the virus leading to many ill workers, extensive disruption to supply as well as increased animal suffering. Our motivation is high, we are working on a solution to part of this global problem. We are developing technologies that can have a positive impact on the planet and lessen our reliance on an overwhelmed, over-exploited and overexposed meat industry."

The company's slogan is 'Making Meat Right' and here at 2Scots, we wish Meat Tech the best of luck on their journey to revolutionize the meat industry.

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