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41-50 of #100israelistartups

Running down numbers 41-50 of our #100israelistartups

We've hit the half-way mark in our journey to discover 100 of the best Israeli startups who are trying to make the world a better place.

So take a few minutes to read about each of these companies on our #100israelistartups initiative, they all deserve huge credit for the work they are doing in their respective fields and are part of the 'family' that is the Startup Nation.

Another 10 Great Israeli Startups

41 - Driftsense with Dr Elad Segal, Dr Pavel Kunin and Dr Ran Shauli

42 - DrizzleX with Esther Altura and Ariel Altura

43 - Bpaus with Yuri Tselicov

44 - Daika with Michael Layani

45 - Pathkeeper with Erez Lampert

46 - Solidrip with Gad Marton and Didi Sol

47 - W-Cycle with Oran Scott and Lior Itai

48 - Clickto with Erez Roll and Dotan Tamir

49 - Barcode Diagnostics with Ronen Eavri

50 - Seakura with Ronen Simchi, Yossi Karta, Avital Harel

We wish all of these companies continued success as they push forward in their fields, making real differences in health, food, the environment and more

If you'd like to nominate an Israeli startup for #100israelistartups, please contact

If your startup needs help with marketing, contact the 2Scots here.

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