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#41 of 100 - Driftsense

No. 41 of #100israelistartups is Driftsense.

DriftSense is an Israeli-based start-up that makes sure farmers, fields as well as the natural environment, remain safe by optimizing the use of pest control in agriculture.

The dangers of pesticide use is ever-increasing and the issue of pesticide drift is a major problem for the agriculture sector.

Today, there are higher amounts and more frequent use of pesticides. with more than 75% of the spray being lost. Shorter and warmer winters along with growing pest

resistance, has resulted in higher survival rates of pests. This all combines to create threats for farmers, crops yields and the environment.

DriftSense has the solution.

The company is a leading provider of innovate, cutting-edge technology for real-time and predictive analytics of pesticide airborne drift. They offer scientifically data-based insights of hazardous materials` drift found in the air, collecting, modelling and analyzing their dispersion, to locate their source and movement.

DriftSense was founded by three passionate Ph.D.`s - Dr Elad Segal, Dr Pavel Kunin and Dr Ran Shauli - who strive for a safer environment. The team includes chemists, environmental policy experts, and data scientists who are committed to work in close cooperation with growers and end-users. The company is a finalist in the MassChallenge Israel 2020 program.

Growers, food producers, regulatory bodies, energy/chemicals/agriculture industries, planners and researchers can use the Driftsense solutions in their daily work. Together, this will help in preventing future drift from agricultural chemicals - making smarter decisions, while minimizing drift, maximizing yields, and saving crops and the natural environment.

Their solutions are based on state-of-the-art technologies in analytical chemistry, meteorological and dispersion modelling science. Integrating these unique inputs into algorithmic models, Driftsense can precisely locate their source, analyze their trajectories, and optimize the spraying application with a "tailor-made" approach. The insights gained from this analyses will  help growers make decisions based on science, rather than on "hunches".

Co-Founder and CEO, Elad Segal explained:

"In an average pesticide application event, more than 75% of the substance misses its target and is lost to the air. Pesticide drift is, therefore, a major concern for both agriculture and the environment. It causes yield loss for growers and their neighbors, waste of resources, and significant damage to people, flora and fauna.

Our mission is to help growers to reduce operational costs, maximize yields, and comply with relevant regulations, by providing them the most efficient and accurate timing for spraying in each and every plot."

2Scots is delighted to highlight the hugely important work of Driftsense and wish Elad and his team continued success in their mission to improve global farming practices and the environment.

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