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#42 of 100 - DrizzleX

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

No. 42 of #100israelistartups is DrizzleX

A MassChallenge Israel 2019 Winner, DrizzleX is a pioneering smart water metering solution that enables significant water conservation in residential buildings that lack individual apartment meters.

Most of some 5.6 million multifamily dwellings in the United States have central water meters. Tenants never see how much they’re consuming. And because water costs are included in monthly rent or maintenance fees, tenants have no idea how much money is going down their drain.

While water is a scarce, precious, and depleting resource, it is still free for tenants and overused by 30% in tens of million of US apartments in multifamily apartment buildings. This water misuse negatively impacts properties' bottom line, while costly leaks go undetected, causing additional property and environment damage.

The DrizzleX solution combines FlowDX™ smart water sensors, with a robust SaaS dashboard displaying data, comparative trends, alerts, and AI-powered insights. The system measures individual units’ water consumption in multi-family properties, detecting water misuse and leaks in real-time to empower both tenants and property managers to conserve water.

Founded in 2017, DrizzleX is based in Israel with installations across California, Nevada, Arizona, and New York.

Esther Altura, Co-Founder & CEO at DrizzleX, shared her thoughts:

"About 30 percent of water usage in multifamily properties is waste, adding up to $8 billion per year. Our mission is to create transparency about water usage by measuring individual apartments' water consumption, detecting water misuse and leaks in real-time, and empowering tenants and property managers to conserve water."

2Scots is proud to feature DrizzleX and wish Esther, Ariel and all their team the best of luck in the future.

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