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#43 of 100 - Bpaus

No 43 of #100israelistartups is Bpaus.

Every 20 seconds a new Autistic child is born.

It is estimated that 1 in every 54 children in the US is affected.

Autism is a lifelong disorder. Children with autism struggle to communicate, struggle with behavior and struggle with social interaction. Life for the 29 million Autistic children and their families around the world is dramatically affected by the lack of qualified specialists and the high cost of the treatment.

Israeli start-up Bpaus is hoping to change the lives of millions of people affected by Autism and their families.

Bpaus, founded in 2018, is a web application for the early assessment and treatment of Autism.

The solution is based on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), the scientifically proven program with more than 70% of success rate. A detailed assessment allows the identification of the child’s greatest challenges, by performing a set of tests and observations.

In the next stage, the data is sent to the application which uses AI and ML algorithms to generate the most suitable therapies based on the developmental status and predefined parameters

The therapies are performed by parents, relatives or specialists. According to the results, the Bpaus application will advance to the next level of therapy or, in cases of slow progress, recommend tele-consulting with a specialist,

Co-Founder and CEO Yuri Tselicov outlined the company's mission:

"Our mission is to make Autism treatment available to all. Our goal is to create a scalable decision support platform for healthcare providers and clinics to serve a full kit treatment to a wider audience, saving money and time, and making a massive difference to the lives of millions of sufferers."

2Scots is delighted to highlight the groundbreaking work of Bpaus and wish Yuri and his team continued success in their mission to improve the treatment of autism for so many children around the world.

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