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#44 of 100 - Daika

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

No. 44 of #100israelistartups is Daika.

Every year, an average of 3 billion tons of wood waste is generated globally. Estimates of recycling are put at around 10%, meaning the vast majority of wood waste is sent to landfills, causing long-term, large-scale environmental damage.

Israeli start-up Daika is hoping to change the world of wood recycling for the better.

Although wood is one of the most loved raw materials, it's ability to be shaped is limited. It’s a solid and therefore can't be molded.

Daika is overcoming this challenge and allowing wood materials to be extruded, molded or printed by developing a new material which is 100% natural, . This opens the door for new opportunities and applications for the shaping and processing of wood.

The company's technology will lead to the creation of formulations for machines to digitally fabricate wood products. Current wood fabrication techniques use hazardous materials, require large storage spaces for stock materials, resulting in non-digital fabrication that requires costly labor and equipment personalization .

Daika changes the game.

Imagine your typical keyboard made out of wood without any real design limitations.

Daika is doing just that, while using raw material made out of the 3 billions tons of wasted wood. Products made from Daika's materials retain the properties of wood such as touch and appearances, and are completely sustainable as opposed to wood-like plastics.

CEO and Co-Founder Michael Layani commented:

"During these times, we all understand the importance of protecting the environment.

Daika helps manufacturers shape natural wood products by providing materials suitable for existing manufacturing processes.

Our mission is to develop a new material that allows mass manufacturing of sustainable wood products without design limitations or industrial constraints."

2Scots is delighted to support Daika as part of our #100israelistartups initiative and look forward to seeing the company go from strength-to-strength in the coming years.

If you would like to nominate your company to be one of our #100israelistartups, please email

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