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#45 of 100 - Pathkeeper

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

No. 45 of our #100israelistartups is Pathkeeper.

At present, there are 5 million spinal surgeries taking place annually worldwide, with a success rate of 20%-30%. This is due to the lack of real-time imaging and navigation assistance throughout surgery. While navigation systems do exist, they are costly and use CT images combined with still shots, not taking into account patient movement while the surgery is taking place.

Enter Israeli startup Pathkeeper, whose surgery planning platform uses AI to automate and simplify the planning process, enabling accurate and safe spine surgeries to the benefit of both patients and surgeons.

The system allows spine surgeons to perform radiation-free spinal navigation while remaining cost-effective. PathKeeper has developed an intuitive 3D camera system that delivers accurate and safe real-time navigation during spinal surgeries. The 3D camera is installed in the operating room and tracks the patient and the surgeon's tools during the entire surgery. The AI engine combines these images with a pre-surgery CT scan to provide the surgeon with a view of the patient's spine.

A breakthrough for Medtech

Pathkeeper, as opposed to other navigation solutions, does not require a CT machine in the OR, nor does it require the surgeon to perform multiple CT scans during the surgery. Pathkeeper’s solution is solely based on a pre-surgery CT scan and the real time tracking offered after the initial registration process. The solution was developed to enable navigation-based surgery in both hospitals and all size clinics at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

Pathkeeper’s systems are especially beneficial when operating on smaller vertebras, because the smaller size dictates a need for higher precision. As so, Pathkeeper’s solution is particularly suitable for pediatric spine surgeries and on surgeries on the upper parts of the adult spine.

Co-founder and CEO Erez Lampert added

"Our vision is to make navigation-guided surgery available to any patient in any operating room - whether big or small. We aim to make spine surgery better by creating a safer, radiation free and affordable spine surgery navigation solution. Our intuitive 3D camera-system delivers accurate and safe real-time navigation in spine surgeries, both in hospitals and clinics."

2Scots is delighted to highlight the life-changing work of Pathkeeper and wish Erez and his team continued success in their mission to improve the lives of so many.

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