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#46 of 100 - Solidrip

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

No. 46 of our #100israelistartups is Solidrip.

Water shortages, environmental challenges and overall pressure on natural resources are all major challenges facing us today. Especially in ever-growing urban spaces, the challenge is to keep green spaces thriving but this has always been difficult due to the over-reliance on agriculture-watering systems in urban spaces. This often leads to insufficient or excessive watering, which results in substantial clean water wastage, water runoff damage, high maintenance costs, high rate of plant mortality, and limited plant diversity.

Enter Israeli start-up SoliDrip which is aiming to boost urban greening and improve the urban environment.

The company is developing a one-size-fits-all autonomous irrigation device that will provide the optimal amount of water for each plant. The system is designed for public and private, outdoor and indoor gardens of any scale, including fruit orchards and vertical gardens, and supports most garden plants and planting methods.

The company was founded in 2018 with a mission to boost urban greening by expanding green lung areas on the building's rooftops, walls, balconies, and courtyards.

An Autonomous Irrigation Solution

Their solution is an autonomous irrigation system that always provides the optimal amount of water for each plant and automatically adjusts to any environmental changes. The technology saves a substantial amount of clean water, prevents water runoff damages, and dramatically reduces gardens' maintenance cost. There is no need for electric power supply or batteries and the system can be easily installed by any homemaker or amateur gardener.

Co-Founder and CEO Gad Marton told us:

"We feel privileged having the opportunity to develop technology that will improve the lives of many people now and for the generations to come. It is not just that we can provide all urban citizens worldwide with easy access to fresh and organic food. We can change the equation and make our cities the place to correct the damages urbanization process causing to our planet. With SoliDrip, the urban environment can be part of nature and provide all resources for plants to grow and flourish, and make habitat for many living species. Bringing back the harmony and balance we lost."

2Scots is delighted to highlight the groundbreaking work of Solidrip and wish Gad, Didi and all the team continued success in their journey.

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