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#48 of 100 - Clickto

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

No. 48 of our #100israelistartups is Clickto.

They say that out of crisis, comes innovation.

That is certainly the case with Israeli start-up Clickto who have taken the COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst to develop a unique platform for running online classes and virtual programs.

The startup grow out of the BigIdea organization, who over the past 13 years has been running international tech summer camps for children and teens aged 7-18 from Israel and from all around the world.

Back in February, the organization was headed towards a typical summer with camps planned for hundreds of children and teens when suddenly COVID-19 struck in Israel. Management understood that the the virus was not going to pass quickly and that they needed to pivot their business in order to stay relevant.

In just 3 weeks they adjusted their camp workshops and created an online solution. This provided children and teens with a way to enjoy the summer camp experience from the comfort of their homes.

The experiment was successful and during the Spring break in April more than 1,000 children tried out the new experience - 3 hours of daily workshops with an instructor and the chance to meet other children just like them.

Erez Roll, Chairman at BigIdea and Clickto explained the thinking during those early days:

"From the initial feedback, we knew we were onto something, something that wasn’t necessarily complicated or innovative, but that connected with our audience.

We decided to continue to develop tje product into something that would give other summer camp organizers a chance to pivot to the online model. Then came the realization that any organization that deals with formal or informal education will be able to use the platform.

We saw that EDTECH is the new reality and Clickto was born."

The platform allows any organization to manage small or large classes with a teacher or an instructor. You can present visual content during the learning, write personal notes to the participants, upload pictures and more.

Clickto prides itself on its simplicity. Participants can easily join a class or a meeting using one link for an entire time period/semester/year or any other phase that is defined in the system’s settings.

Dotan Tamir, Co-founder & CEO told us:

"Clickto was built as the world enters the remote revolution, and provides a comprehensive platform to plan, run, and monitor virtual programs. We help educational organizations and enrichment programs to transition online, and seize the potential of this new world. Since June, we have enabled dozens of summer camps to run virtually and make an impact on youth everywhere. Now we're providing free access to NYC funded after-school programs so they can keep their students engaged and empowered

during the school closures."

2Scots is delighted to highlight the innovative and transformational work of Clickto and wish Dotan, Erez, Todd and all the team continued success in their journey to bring offline programmes into the online world.

To keep up-to-date with all the new companies on our #100israelistartups list, follow the hashtag here.

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