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#49 of 100 - Barcode Diagnostics

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

No. 49 of our #100israelistartups is Barcode Diagnostics.

In today's data-driven world, medtech companies are focused on solutions that can combine the efficient delivery of mass medicine with personalized precision healthcare.

Medical professionals know that different people react differently to disease and treatment, and this is especially true with diseases such as cancer where each patient experiences different intensities of the disease and treatment and reacts differently to medication. Research now has a better understanding of each patient's individual characteristics, but doctors still don't know how to provide for each person's specific medical needs. By focusing on personalized medicine, medical professionals are better able to heal while also reducing suffering and side effects,

In the field of cancer treatment, Israeli start-up Barcode Diagnostics is doing just that and hoping to revolutionize the field of cancer treatment for millions of patients around the world.

Barcode Diagnostics is developing a “first of its kind” Nanotechnology for personalized cancer drug screening, that quickly and reliably assesses the efficacy of different cancer drugs directly on the tumor within the patient’s own body.

Their screening method is based on a proprietary liposome formulation of multiple low-dose chemical and biological anti-cancer agents, and the method for evaluating their activity at real time.

Unique Technology

The unique technology safely tests the efficacy of multiple chemotherapy drugs inside the patient’s body– prior to the start of a treatment cycle. Within 72 hours, the company’s solution identifies the most potent cancer medications for the patient, allowing doctors to determine the optimal treatment regimen for each specific individual.

This will provide doctors with a highly precise decision-making tool, making cancer treatment more personalized and effective.

Co-Founder and CEO Ronen Eavri told us:

"We are determined to change the way cancer patients are treated. The company is developing a method to personally adapt drugs to treat cancer. Our method is aimed at identifying the optimal medication for each patient. The company intends to start a clinical study in breast cancer patients in 2021 and once we provide clinical evidence in breast cancer, the company will expand this technology platform to include additional cancer indications."

2Scots is delighted to highlight the life-changing work of Barcode Diagnostics and wish Ronen and his team continued success in their mission to improve the lives of so many.

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