• Darren Gladstone

#5 of 100 - Autonomous Pivot

#5 of our #100israelistartups

Feeding a 9-billion-person planet by 2050 is estimated to require a 60% increase in agricultural production with a simultaneous 15% decrease in water usage. Solutions are needed to increase productivity but at the same time to deliver efficiencies of energy and water usage.

Autonomous Pivot develops an intelligent platform for optimizing irrigation, fertigation and crop-protection in fields irrigated by irrigation-pivot.

The company first deployed its technology in 2019 in a pilot test in Kansas, US, and participating farmers experienced both yield increase and reduced inputs (water, energy and fertilizer).

We salute the team at Autonomous Pivot including Erez Ben-Ezra and will be watching with interest as they aim to make farming more sustainable and productive for the world's growing population.

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