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51-60 of #100israelistartups

Running down numbers 51-60 of our #100israelistartups

It's taken a little longer than expected to feature the next 10 great companies in our #100israelistartups initiative. In all honesty, it's down to a combination of Covid lockdown (= kids at home) and plenty of work on the go.

But we've finally made it to Number 60, so here they are, 10 brilliant companies, all deserving of huge credit for the work they are doing in their respective fields.

We're also delighted that 6 of these 10 companies have female founders and we have made it part of our mission here at 2Scots to shine a light on great female founders.

The Startup Nation just keeps inspiring and pushing the boundaries...

Another 10 Great Israeli Startups

51 - HT BioImaging with Shani Toledano and Gideon Barak

52 - SeeTree with Israel Talpaz, Guy Morgenstern and Barak Hachamov

53 - AccessibleGO with Miriam Eljas

54 - with Nira Mayorchik Sheleg

55 - Pepticom with Immanuel Lerner and Maayan Elias Robicsek

56 - Bio-Fence with Raveh Gill-More

57 - Milkstrip with Avital Beck and Hadas Shatz-Azoulay

58 - Biotic with Adi Goldman, Nofar Hod and Eran Perlstein

59 - Sensi with Romi Gubes and Nevo Elmalem

60 - MyOR with Michael Brandwein, Idan Katz, Dr Ariel Katz and Inbal Eshet-Kessler

We wish all of these companies continued success as they push forward in their fields, making real differences in health, food, the environment, travel and more

If you'd like to nominate an Israeli startup for #100israelistartups, please contact

If your startup needs help with marketing, contact the 2Scots here.

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