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#52 of 100 - SeeTree

No. 52 of #100israelistartups is SeeTree.

Tel Aviv-based SeeTree is disrupting the global farming industry.

In the past, drone-based precision agriculture hasn’t really lived up to its promise and didn’t work all that well for permanent crops like fruit trees. In the past two decades, since the concept was born, the application of it, as well as measuring techniques, has seen limited success, especially in the permanent-crop sector. As a result, drone-based technology has mainly failed to reach the full potential of precision agriculture as it is meant to be.

SeeTree offers farmers an end-to-end service to manage and optimize the health and productivity of their trees.

The company believes the future of precision agriculture has to take a more holistic view of the entire farm. The company's solution offers granular per-tree data based on the imagery gathered from drones and the company’s machine learning algorithms that then analyze this imagery.

Intelligence for Trees

The end-to-end service provides growers with intelligence on individual trees and tree clusters from the air, ground, and underground. Data extraction is performed using high-resolution, multi-dimensional sensing imagery obtained from drones, paired with ground sensors and rangers with boots-on-the-ground who acquire samples for further analysis.

Using this data, farmers can then decide to replace trees that underperform, for example, or map out a plan to selectively harvest based on the size of a tree’s fruits and its development stages. They can then correlate all of this data with their irrigation and fertilization infrastructure to determine the ROI of those efforts.

Israel Talpaz, Co-Founder and CEO told us:

"We operate a data acquisition and analysis approach, focused on enabling farmers to accurately apply inputs, save money and optimize the fruit production of every tree. Together with our partners, we are making the Agriculture 4.0 Revolution a reality today".

2Scots is delighted to support SeeTree as part of our #100israelistartups initiative and wish Israel, Barak, Guy and all the team huge success as they aim to revolutionize permanent-crop farming with tree by tree intelligence.

If you would like to nominate your company to be one of our #100israelistartups, please email

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