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#58 of 100 - Biotic

No. 58 of #100israelistartups is Biotic.

The harmful effects of plastics on our planet are already widely known. Less than 10% of the plastic is recycled, the rest ends up in the garbage, incinerated or finds its way to our natural resources.

Plastics do not degrade for hundreds of years and release harmful microplastics during the process. Animals, both on land and in the ocean are heavily affected, while rainwater containing plastic particles is absorbed in the land, affecting our agriculture and health.

Continued use of plastics is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

However, there have been some encouraging signs. Increased consumer awareness has led to a spike in demand for sustainable, cost effective alternatives, while countries, cities & governments are enforcing new legislation and regulations banning disposable and single-use plastics. It is expected that within a few short years, almost every country around the globe will enforce regulations restricting plastic uses and handling.

Israeli start-up Biotic is aiming to accelerate this shift away from plastics toward safe, green and environmentally-friendly alternative solutions.

Biotic's vision is to provide the world with an end to end fully bio-based, fully biodegradable polymer manufacturing process, replacing all plastic and eliminating recycling needs.

The unique biological polymer, an optimal plastic alternative, is produced from a ubiquitous and naturally grown sea algae.

Using this macroalgae in the process, carbon dioxide is absorbed and the macroalgae can assist in reviving marine life as the two provide mutual contribution to each other; the algae feeds from the marine life nutrients and other marine life feeds on the algae.

Biotic’s polymers are completely biodegradable without any need for a specific

environment (such as compost), the result being that there is no need to sort garbage or to recycle the final products, as they simply degrade back to CO2 and water.

A Unique Solution

The Biotic solution is different from existing products in that it uses zero terrestrial resources and no treated water. Fully biological and environmentally friendly, it contributes towards improving greenhouse gases emission, reducing energy costs and rehabilitating marine life.

Adi Goldman, Co-Founder & CEO told us:

"We envision a world where plastic pollution is not a concern and in which the consumer purchases and uses the product in the exact same manner, and after use, tosses it to any trash and the product fully biodegrades no matter to the environment.

Biotic’s technologies effectively provide unified solutions for today’s plastic alternatives' biggest holdbacks. As a commodity manufacturer, we are developing a complete supply-chain to produce various polymers, capable of fulfilling global plastic demand."

2Scots is delighted to support Biotic as part of our #100israelistartups initiative and wish Adi, Nofar, Eran and all the team huge success in the future.

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