• Darren Gladstone

#6 of 100 - Sivan

#6 on our list of #100israelistartups is Sivan.

SIVAN is a medtech company that has developed the first digital platform for the early detection of disease.

The company's two products have built on multi-year clinical studies on the impact of patient reported symptoms on survival and quality of life, carried out by leading oncologists in the US and France.

The first product is Moovcare® is a digital therapeutic that detects relapse or complication during follow-up of lung cancer patients. Moovcare® has been proven in clinical trials to improve overall survival by 7.6 months.

Sivan's second product is Smokecheck®, an application that helps smokers and former smokers monitor their state of health and alerts them if there may be a problem.

SIVAN is just another example of the kind of life-changing start-ups that are coming out of Israel.


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