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#63 of 100 - LittleOne.Care

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

No. 63 of #100israelistartups is LittleOne.Care

Most of us have experienced those moments - a baby that won't stop crying, who won't feed properly or who perhaps seems restless and ill at ease.

It can be terribly challenging for new parents who often have little frame of reference against which to judge their baby's mood and behavior.

New parenting can be tough!

But perhaps help is at hand with the latest in our list of great Israeli startups.

The Baby Whisperer

Say hello to Israeli start-up LittleOne.Care.

LittleOne.Care is a personalized AI Platform that provides parents a personalized tool to monitor, guard, understand, and improve their baby’s ongoing development, health, and happiness.

LittleOne.Care improves the baby's wellbeing and provides parents with a vital tool in their baby's developmental journey.

It's a little more than Child's Play...

The LittleOne.Care product draws from 4 specific data sources: baby's motion, baby's sound, voice tagging, and context.

Babies make different sounds and movements when they cry for different reasons and the device synchronizes their noises, cries, and movements to understand what the baby wants.

The device clips on to the baby’s clothes, and monitors their vital signs and listens to the noises the baby makes and analyzes the different tones and vibrations to alert the parents as to why the baby is crying.

The AI-technology then outputs Deep Learning insights to create a unique picture of the baby’s life events, all within one app. The app supports parents with personalized actionable tips to provide babies with better quality of care and quality time with parents and caregivers.

Ami Meoded Co-Founder and CMO told us:

“Most existing technologies notify the parents when an emergency has already happened, like when no heartbeat is detected. We also develop technology to notify the parents before emergencies occur, like analyzing changes with the baby’s breathing patterns or heartbeat, such as if the baby was mistreated by the preschool teacher or if the baby was left in the car and their body temperature rises to indicate that changes are occurring that need attention.

Baby monitors say what is happening, but do not instruct the parent on what to do. Our platform goes beyond that and gives actual instructions to parents."

2Scots is delighted to support LittleOne.Care as part of our #100israelistartups initiative and wish Shauli, Ami and Evgeni and all the team huge success in the future.

If you would like to nominate your company to be one of our #100israelistartups, please email

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