• Darren Gladstone

#7 of 100 - MyIsrael

#7 of #100israelistartups is myisrael.

Quite appropriately for #internationalwomensday, we are highlighting a wonderful charity organization that was established some 12 years ago by Danni Franks.

Today, the organization has 100% female staff who continue to change lives for the better. myisrael connects donors with 18 inspirational causes in Israel which would otherwise go unseen. Donors can choose who they want to support and 100% of their money will go directly to helping people in need.

As a non-profit start-up, MyIsrael has embarked on a challenging, fulfilling and ultimately life-changing journey that has impacted on thousands of people-in-need across Israel.

To read more about MyIsrael, click here.

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