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#8 of 100 - CytoReason

#8 of #100israelistartups is CytoReason.

Biology, and therefore disease, is driven by the body’s cells. Only by understanding what the cells are doing as a result of disease (or its treatment) can you find new and better ways of stopping that disease. The problem is, traditionally we test potential new drugs on animal and other models and hope it will apply to humans. It doesn’t. It is simply not the same biology and not the same disease. Consequently, many many drugs fail later in development.

Learning from real human data to help solve real human disease, CytoReason has developed unique AI-driven models of the human body at a molecular-level. These models learn from every new set of data that is integrated and allowing us to “see” what is happening with a disease, and its treatment, at the cell-level – in a human context. Our human models of disease and machine learning platform, enable us to find new targets to try to stop disease, work out if a treatment is likely to work across different diseases (indications) and in different patients (biomarkers) and even to find potential new combinations (of drugs and/or targets) that might improve treatment – faster and more accurately than even before.

To do all of this, CytoReason has built:

  • One of the world's largest libraries of human molecular data in certain diseases

  • A unique AI technology platform that makes data accessible and useful

  • The broadest array of cell-level models of disease and disease-related tissues

These three crucial elements help CytoReaon to turn data into the novel disease targets, new indications, combination selection and biomarker identification that can drive drug development success. Enabling them to: Rebuild composition of active cells in disease & tissue; Isolate signals & clear out irrelevant cellular activity; Map up/down-stream cellular and molecular associations; Augment data beyond what was studied; Improve the accuracy of biased data and; Compare & contrast against other targets, diseases and patient populations. This is why CytoReason's cell-level models help the world's leading drug developers to discover and develop the right therapies in the right disease for the right patients.

Rob Cohen of Cytoreason added, “CytoReason is only three years old but can already count 4 of the top 10 global pharma companies as collaborators. However, we want to hit even more diseases, even harder and faster - bringing the benefits of better, more sustainable drug development to even more patients across the world."

2Scots salutes CytoReason and wishes them continued strength in their ongoing vital work.

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