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#62 of 100 - Tunefork

No. 62 of #100israelistartups is Tunefork

Hearing loss affects more than 400 million people around the world, Most seniors (more than 1 billion worldwide) generally suffer from some degree of hearing loss, making their everyday lives challenging. Many of them experience difficulty using their smart devices such as smartphones, smart homes, smart assistants, smart automotive and more, all of which rely on clarity of sound for efficient operation.

Modern technology and habits are exacerbating the problem. The World Health Organization reports that some one billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing degradation stemming from listening to music and playing games regularly at high volumes, while approximately 15% of adults ages 18 and over report some trouble hearing.

Hearing really is Believing

Enter Israeli start-up Tunefork.

TuneFork is an audio personalization technology software that delivers an optimal hearing experience, improving the quality of life for people with hearing loss and seniors.

The company's solution enables the user to perform a simple hearing test and grades the user's specific hearing problem. The test results, paired with sophisticated algorithms to adjust frequencies, create an optimal, custom-made audio experience for the user – a personalized Audio Profile.

Your Unique Earprint

Users download the app and after completing a 5-minute test on their smart device and earphones, it produces their unique “earprint,” a profile, which can be integrated into any operating system or network and optimize all audio content. The software doesn’t only improve the listening experience, it also prevents damage from incorrect settings and overcome hearing impairments.

The digital audio optimization enables users to calibrate their audio settings on a wide range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to televisions, desktop computers, and virtual assistants. It also works with music and video streaming services so the profile accompanies the user on any digital platform with an audio interface.

Tunefork is available for everyone through the Tunefork App, which is currently available for Android on the Google Play Store, with IOS coming soon.

Tomer Shor, Co-Founder and CEO told us:

“My father was injured during his military service and suffered significant hearing loss. Throughout childhood I watched him struggle with carrying out routine tasks like talking on the phone, watching TV, and listening to music. When looking for solutions we discovered that hearing is a highly individual sense. Every one of us has a unique earprint that is as unique as our fingerprint. But smart devices and audio systems aren’t optimized for such hearing characteristics.

.Assistive technologies are in widespread use by people with disabilities, but these are not one size fits all. Digital accessibility has become a must have to ensure a commitment to serving all users and, in some cases, maintaining legal compliance. Accessibility is just good business as it allows companies to be more inclusive and offer services to an even greater customer base. Tunefork's technology, provides streaming service subscribers and people who participate in web conferencing personalized audio returning to seniors and those with hearing loss sounds they have been missing and offers a healthier hearing experience to all.”

2Scots is delighted to support Tunefork as part of our #100israelistartups initiative and wish Tomer, Yoav and all the team huge success in the future.

If you would like to nominate your company to be one of our #100israelistartups, please email

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